Ceri Fielding

Ceri Fielding
Cardiff University

Welsh Crucible 2014

Ceri obtained his BSc degree in Virology from the University of Warwick, including an intercalated year in the Novartis Research Institute in Vienna, Austria. Then he moved to the University of Wales College of Medicine for his PhD studying a human herpes virus associated with a number of human cancers (Epstein-Barr virus). His subsequent post-doctoral research has been carried out within Cardiff investigating interactions of viruses and bacteria with the immune system. Ceri is a Research Fellow in the School of Medicine and his current research focuses on the molecular basis for pathogenesis of another herpes virus (human cytomegalovirus), the major infectious cause of birth defects and a significant problem in immunosuppressed patient groups. These studies will hopefully lead to the identification of host and viral targets for the development of new antiviral drugs.


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