Chris Beedie

Chris Beedie
Aberystwyth University

Welsh Crucible 2013

Chris obtained his BSc in Sports Science and History at Brunel University London, and completed a PhD in Psychology at the same institution. Following research and teaching posts at several UK institutions he is now working as Senior Lecturer in Sport & Exercise Psychology in the Institute for Human Sciences at Aberystwyth University. Chris’s research examines the roles of emotions, beliefs and placebo effects in human performance. He is also investigating the effectiveness of various physical activity interventions in reducing cardiovascular and metabolic risk factors in UK adults. Currently his main focus is the development of a research agenda around the idea that evolutionary psychological factors might partially explain currently very high levels of physical inactivity in the UK and the developed World.

2017 Update: Chris is Professor in Applied Sport and Exercise Science in the School of Human and Life Sciences at Canterbury Christ Church University.

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