Jason Webber

Jason Webber

Cardiff University

Welsh Crucible 2016

Jason completed a BSc in Biochemistry at Cardiff University, followed by a PhD studying fibroblast differentiation within the context of renal fibrosis. In 2009, he changed fields to explore mechanisms regulating stromal cell differentiation within the tumour microenvironment, under the supervision of Dr. Aled Clayton. In 2014, Jason gained further experience in the laboratory of Prof. Juan Falcon-Perez (Bilbao, Spain) investigating the role of exosomes in regulation of cellular metabolism. Shortly after, Jason was awarded a 5-year Fellowship grant from Prostate Cancer UK to further study the role of exosomes in prostate cancer and, in collaboration with Prof. Guido Jenster (Erasmus MC, Rotterdam), search for novel biomarkers to distinguish patients with aggressive disease from those with slow growing tumours.  Jason is keen to form interdisciplinary collaborations in order to develop new methods for exosome isolation from biofluids and improved assays for cancer diagnosis.


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