Leanne Cullen-Unsworth

Cullen-UnsworthLeanne Cullen-Unsworth
Cardiff University

Welsh Crucible 2011

Leanne has a B.Sc. in Marine Biology from Newcastle University, a M.Sc. in Marine Environmental Protection from Bangor University and a Ph.D. from Essex University. After completing a CSIRO postdoctoral fellowship in Australia, Leanne returned to the UK to take up a Research Fellowship within the newly formed Sustainable Places Research Institute at Cardiff University. Her role involves the development of a research package around mobilities, flows and migration – of people, resources, water, goods and more –in order to understand the impacts of such flows and implications for sustainability. Leanne’s research focuses on linked social-ecological systems, recently within a terrestrial context (Queensland’s Wet Tropics); but her background is within the marine sciences. Leanne is interested in the threats posed to livelihoods and the economy, food security and lifestyles from a changing global environment. She is also interested in mitigation, adaptation and human behavioural changes and in the development of socio-economically appropriate conservation and sustainable use policy. She is skilled in community engagement and cooperative research and has experience in place-based research/learning approaches. Leanne has had extensive experience working with Indigenous peoples in remote areas of Indonesia and Australia particularly around joint management issues and governance of natural resources.

2016 Update: Leanne continues in her role as Research Fellow in the Sustainable Places Research Institute at Cardiff University. Leanne is also a Director of Project Seagrass, an environmental charity devoted to the conservation of seagrass ecosystems.

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