Why should I apply?

Welsh Crucible is a high profile programme of investment in the research leaders of the future. It will help you to

–  develop a network of peers within the research community, fuelling potential interdisciplinary working, and forge links with the National Assembly for Wales and Welsh Government, and the Welsh media;
–  introduce you to new ways of thinking and working and improve your effectiveness both within and beyond your organisation;
–  ensure that your research has greater impact; by helping you to develop skills in public engagement, and exploring how you can interact more effectively with the media and policy makers;
–  learn about different areas of research and encourage personal and career development.

Benefits to employers

Being selected for this highly prestigious programme will benefit your employer as well as you. Welsh Crucible will help you to develop your skills of creativity and innovation and will provide you with the tools to help you use these skills to best effect within your organisation. By investing six days of your time your employers will also be able to benefit from your expanded network within the research community and your enhanced links with the National Assembly for Wales and Welsh media.

How much does it cost?

The costs of attending Welsh Crucible are covered by the Higher Education Funding Council for Wales and Welsh Crucible partner institutions. All residential costs (including accommodation and catering) and the costs for all sessions in the Welsh Crucible labs will be provided for successful candidates from the partner HE institutions and for up to two successful candidates from non-HE organisations. For candidates in non-partner HEIs, please contact the Welsh Crucible office for further information. Travel expenses will also be covered to and from each participant’s home in Wales to the location of each of the Welsh Crucible labs (up to a value of £100 per return journey).

When can I apply?

The call for applications for Welsh Crucible 2019 will open in January 2019. Follow us on Twitter @welshcrucible for the latest announcements.

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Selection Criteria

  • Excellence in research
  • An interest and experience in interdisciplinary research
  • Creative and innovative thinking
  • Interests outside basic research
  • Excellent communication skills
  • An understanding of and commitment to Welsh Crucible’s mission.

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